Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lovely Lazy Sunday

Above is the email I sent to Jay. I’ve been picking up his mail for
three weeks whilst he was away. He got back yesterday.

Saturday was a lovely soft day. The weather was nice; my pets and I just hung out all day together. I tidied up, of course, before Patsy came over for supper.
We had a nice meal after sharing a demi of champagne. Sheba got very excited when Patsy came and, because Patsy loves cats, I called Fred and Ethel down to see her before Patsy left. And here, everything starts early and ends early; Patsy departed at 8:30.
This morning began with a not uncommon game at Pinecone Park: Find the Vomit. I could hear Fred or Ethel being sick in the night.
It’s cooler this morning, but not raining. The big community dog walk this morning was well attended. When I came home I had a spa during a lovely sunny period and now I plan to relax for the rest of the day and evening.
Clair de luneis playing right now on the CBC; I am melting.

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