Monday, January 14, 2019

Meeting Day

I have a meeting this morning with the arts council. Our self-portrait project is inching toward going public. 
I run the self-portrait sub-committee. I circulate and annotated agenda at every meeting and we churn through decisions. We are a fabulous group. Today’s meeting is of the large fundraising committee; a man who is organizing our Gabriola Readsproject chairs the fundraising committee. 
I’m going well prepared with a written report, my computer and a computer projector so that I can project the blog we have developed for our project.
It’s cold this morning because it was clear all night. And there’s morning fog so the dog walk will be chilly and damp.
After the walk, I go to the meeting. When I come home, it’s back to cleaning up the backyard. There’s two more days of sunshine predicted before the rains return and I expect I can get the job finished. What an incredible amount of work it’s been cleaning up from that December storm.
The yard looks winter barren, but it’s clean and come Spring it will look lovely and lush before it dies for the summer.

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