Friday, January 11, 2019

Our Ambulance Service

Yesterday’s self-portrait project meeting rocked. We roared through a full agenda and made a lot of decisions, all by consensus. We are a great committee! Our plan is to launch our project at the end of the month. 
We want everyone to participate. So… to help people who might lack artistic confidence, I developed a blog yesterday afternoon that you can see here. This is a first draft; it will get better with the help of my colleagues but even in draft form you can see how our project works.
I made a date to see Dr. Shoja mid-February. It will have been six months since my last visit when I see her; I reckon “checking in” is a good idea. I forgot to call the head of the ambulance service yesterday, but I will today after the dog walk.
I called the head of the ambulance service here and we had a chat. It’s not like anything can be done, but she understood why I was calling and she was very courteous and helpful. She believes carrying a letter from Dr. Shoja is my best recourse.
I have joined the local Ambulance Society. This island is amazing. The Ambulance Society will pay all my ambulance fees and will loan me medical equipment if and when I have need of it. Also, they pay for a fixed number of hours of home care when medically necessary. All that for $40/year!
The weather person is predicting five days of sunshine starting tomorrow. I look forward to finishing the clean up of my yard from the big December storm. And I will have many spas; I love that. And lovely warm winter dog walks.

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