Saturday, January 26, 2019

Forester Dave Replies

This was the sky at dusk last night, taken from my deck.

Friday was cool and damp. It felt great to get into my own car again to go to the community dog walk. 
When I came home I was thrilled to get a message from the government forester, David, who’s in charge of Crown Land. He’s conceptually in favour of my pruning some trees on Crown Land near my property. I took photos of the forest behind my studio and the generator building, and screenshots of satellite views of my land in order to secure official permission and sent them to him and late in the day I got another positive message.
Scott, the arborist I consulted, has to come back. This is what David has asked for: “I would appreciate an arborist report that would include the number of trees, their species and size and the work he proposes to do. How high he will prune, etc.”
Now I wait to hear from Scott. But it seems clear to me that I’ll be able to do the work Scott outlines to David and I will get much more light into  my backyard and on my vegetable garden.
The balance of the day, I kept busy: I scrubbed my barbeque grill to sparkling clean, changed the filters in my air purifiers, went shopping for pet food, washed floors, vacuumed, etcetera. I also went to my post box and got a pleasant surprise: My vegetable seeds.
 We took a short walk in the afternoon, Her Highness and I, before retiring for a relaxing night at Pinecone Park. And I went to bed, exhausted, at seven thirty!
I finally heard something from the arts council. The Self-Portrait committee is meeting this coming Monday morning. I’m going sans agenda and committed to not chairing the meeting. It’s now their project, not mine. I’m keen to help but not lead. 
Today is drizzly. It’ll be a slow day because nothing is pressing. (Tomorrow and Monday are predicted to be beautiful and sunny.)

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