Sunday, May 23, 2021

Back to the Roof

Yesterday morning’s walk was exceptional. There’s something magical about morning walks: The lowness of the sun in the sky illuminates the trees in a particularly beautiful way and it’s so quiet that one can hear falling tiny Alder seeds hitting the Salal leaves. And, of course, the birds are full of excitement in the morning, so the forest is alive with song.

When we got home, I took the bed out of the van and cleaned it thoroughly before loading up all my gas containers and my propane tank. Then we went into the village and loaded up on gasoline and propane. Now, Pinecone Park is fully loaded for good times; the mower, deck heater and barbeque will never run dry.

In the afternoon, clouds rolled in making the prospect of eating outdoors iffy, but it stayed warm so I remained optimistic and prepped everything for an outdoors evening, and then I settled in for some reading and the afternoon walk before Kevin and Shelly arrived. 

Then, at 2:00 Kevin arrived. I saw him coming and went outside to greet him. He looked distressed, so I asked him if something was wrong, and he said he and Shelly had to cancel dinner because Shelly’s mom had fallen and suffered a head injury. She’s in the hospital in Nanaimo and they are heading over. So … Saturday night was like so many others, me at home with my four-legged beloveds. I’d really been looking forward to their visit.

But … Todd and Jessica and I talked together today. Jessica must be in her mid-forties; I have known her since she was eight years old; they are going to visit. They live in my health region. I could not be more excited. And Dwight will come by bike if the regional health region boundaries are opened. The premier is making an announcement on Tuesday.

Today has dawned cloudy and it feels and looks like it may rain. However, I am keen to try to get one side of another roof done—the easy side of the shed roof. It’ll be awesome to get another side cleaned. I have six sides to do; four are small, but the two sides of the main house are huge and will be a real challenge.

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