Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Candystick Plant

The photo above is of a Candystick or Sugarstick plant. My friends here are amazed by my ability to find rare plants, and so am I. Candysticks are even a rarer find that Groundcones, and they are truly a beautiful sight to behold. They’re red and white with deep blue, almost violet, flowers.

After the morning dog walk yesterday, I came home and edged the edible garden, mowed my new front lawn again, cleaned the decks and courtyard, watered the edible garden’s raised beds and tidied up the studio. I also raked and mowed the part of the front lawn I hadn’t cleaned up since Winter. It was go, go, go; I really got a lot done … including doing some damage.

I got too close to my treasured Paulownia Tree and stripped a lot of bark off it. Damn! Two years of growth is probably down the tube maybe. I shall pray that it recovers. But damn, I am mad at myself.

I got the date for my ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder. It’s not until September 15th! I can forget all about my internal issues for the summer. 

This morning, I Zoom with Dr. Shoja and then, around 1:00 pm, my friend Dwayne will arrive from Vancouver with his dog. His visit will likely be short as he is a realtor and here on business, but it will be very good to see and socialize with a long-time friend from the city.

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