Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Neighbours: Damn!


Above is a photograph by Tim Sears of a sow Black Bear and her five cubs. Five cubs in one litter is an extremely rare event for the breed, and for all five to reach their first birthday is even rarer. This shot was taken of the family as they emerged from hibernating after their first Winter.

Four workmen arrived yesterday to construct a pad on which to mount a motor home. Tim, one of the workers and a lovely man, says that the owners will live in the home as they build their new home. Damn! I’ve loved the privacy the empty lot has given me. Now, Merrill and Leo are building on my one side of my property and these people are starting on the other.

Late in the afternoon, two people turned up that might have been the new owners because they were inspecting the site prepared for the trailer. I’m kind of expecting the trailer to arrive today or this week. Sigh.

Yesterday, I spent rooting Ivy. Some of my climbing Ivy had fallen off the shed wall, so I cut it off and into sections, dipped each section in rooting hormone and set them into soil. I’m going to use the Ivy to green the garden along the north front of the house that is in perpetual shade.

I also cleaned a quarter of the roof of the house, and I’ll continue to work on it today. But I’ll also take time to water the gardens and to walk Her Highness of course. It’s a lovely day, if a bit cool, and tonight/tomorrow we may have rain which would be excellent for the lawns that I fertilized yesterday. Then, at the end of the week it’s predicted to get much warmer, reaching 26° - 28°.

Come June 15th, it becomes legal to travel across local health zone boundaries and that may lead to my visiting the city or city folk coming to visit me here.

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