Thursday, May 13, 2021

To Parksville

After a damp but beautiful morning yesterday, the sun emerged in the afternoon. All I did was idle away my day being unproductive. I just read and napped.

Today promises to be a spectacular day. It’s predicted to reach 21° today, so I’m going to Parksville to visit Jane and Dana. We’re planning on a take-out lunch together at the Black Goose Inn patio and then we’ll for for a walk in Rathtreavor Park. I’ll also get some supplies at Walmart. I’m looking forward to the adventure with Sheba.

Often, as I prepare for sleep, I say to myself, ‘Well, that’s another day done.’ This is an aspect of pandemic response for me. I say it to myself with almost a sense of pride because I feel good that I got through another day without any sadness or depression.

I’m hardly ever sad or depressed. I am very lucky in that regard. I’ve always considered myself a born optimist. Still, I feel good about getting through this endless solitary existence imposed by Covid.

Last night, I had amazing dreams. Now that I’m on this new HIV drug, I don’t have nightmares and I sleep deeper and longer. I love sleeping.

Well, now I’m off to the ferry lineup. The ferry has become very busy, so I’m going extra early to ensure that we get on the sailing I want. What a beauty day for an adventure!

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