Thursday, August 12, 2021

I'm Growing Ginger!

Today is expected to be hot! Meteorologists say it will be 36° here today. We have a heat warning again. I gave my gardens a good watering last night and topped up the thirstiest areas again this morning. I’m ready for the heat. I expect Her Highness will be miserable and that we’ll be indoors all day.

My new gates are done and they look fabulous. They were built to my design, and I could not be happier with them. They go up on Monday.

Yesterday involved watering, reading about Dr. Pozzi and some minor gardening. I also went down to Darrell’s studio to see the gates, to the post office to get a parcel from Amazon and to the nursery to get more plants. I got lots of ground cover for my gardens.

In the evening I went to Jay’s for dinner with him and Victor, his friend with whom I went to high school and college. It was a beautiful night, cooler than it had been in the day but still deliciously warm—a great night to watch for early Persid meteorites whilst having a night spa under the billions of stars.

Early last Spring, I planted a little piece of Ginger and forgot about it, but now it is growing robustly, and I can see the large tuber that’s become exposed on the top of the planter. I’m really proud of this plant. 

And check out the magnificence of my Paulownia! It’s now three meters tall and it’ll keep growing through to the end of September. Already, I can hardly wait for next Summer to see it’s two branches become four and grow another meter and a half.

Gabriola is getting 250 thousand dollars to build an outside gathering place on the grounds of our community hall. Another new amenity will likely lead to new traditions and opportunities for us islanders.  The island also got 17 grand with which to plan for a bike path and sidewalk from the ferry to our village. 

This year, we got a new sidewalk from the start of the village all the way through our little commercial district to the trailhead that connects to very, very close to my house. With the new sidewalk linking the present walkway to the ferry, pedestrians will be a lot safer on the roadside.

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