Monday, August 30, 2021

Another Schlepping Day

It was hot and I am old, so the endless digging of soil to fill the wheelbarrow, over and over and over, got to my back and tuckered me out. Still, I loved working on such a beautiful day. As soon as I began, I wondered if I bought enough soil. I hope I did because this load was four hundred bucks. I hope I don’t have to buy more. The nursery has upped the price of a yard of soil and the delivery charges.

While I worked, I kept looking forward to a spa at the end of the day, dinner and then watching TV on the couch. And, of course, I worried about not having enough soil. I rested after every five barrows full and got a great start on covering the former wasteland with a nice thick blanket of fresh new soil. 

After doing fifteen barrows full, I was beat, but more optimistic about having enough soil to do the job. I took a break and then resolved to do another five barrows full for the day’s quota. As I returned to work, the sun moved west and afforded me some shade when filling barrows eleven to twenty. I was very glad for the shade; the air temperature was 27° and it was very hot in the sun.

I stopped working at 3:30 and then took Her Highness for an afternoon walk. It was too hot for her and so our walk was short. When we got home, she hit the bed to rest, and I had a spa and then got comfortable on the chaise with my book. I love productive days like yesterday because I have a guilt-free evening in front of the TV feeling very satisfied with myself. 

I’ll finish the wasteland area today, and I’m certain that I’ll not only have enough soil—I may even enough to seed another area that I’ve cleaned and thought to leave naked soil. Bonus! And it’s cloudy, so there’ll be no overheating on my part today. 

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