Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Dr. Pozzi: A photograph and the famous painting by John Singer Sargent.

The new fence is up and this morning the posts are being cemented into place as I write. Darrell is building the gate in his workshop, and he’ll install it once it is done. It’s inspiring to see the work done; it looks so great to have all the fencing the same now. It’s going to be a surprise for Leo and Merrill who are away for two weeks.

I’m reading a great book about Dr. Samuel Pozzi. It’s by Julien Barnes. I recently bought eight books by him. Dr. Pozzi is more famous for his dressing gown than he is for all his many accomplishments. I’ve just begun the book and I’m loving it.

Sheba seemed more like her old self yesterday. I’m quite relieved and now I’m optimistic that ½ a pill every second day, which starts in a week, will have her become even more her old self.

Today I’m going shopping after I walk Her Highness, and then I plan to try working on the wasteland. I’ll work gently, especially when it comes to my left arm, but now that the fence is done, I want to try to finish tilling the area so that I can seed it come Fall.

That’s my news. No ill pet, no heart trouble, speech a non issue now.


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