Monday, August 9, 2021

Val Kilmer

Sunday became sunny and truly lovely—as in not too hot. I felt great for so many reasons: Sheba is so healthy again, the weather was ideal, and I got a lovely surprise at the dog walk. When I arrived to join my friends at the newly renewed Sunday morning dog walk, several people immediately came over and gave me a warm, welcoming hug. They’d all heard about my heart attack, I guess. It was a wonderful experience. Such kindness does wonders for my self-esteem. I live on a fabulous island.

In the afternoon, I Zoomed with long-time friends, all of us retired thespians. It was oodles of fun.

Yowza! I watched the documentary about Val Kilmer on Amazon Prime and was wowed by it. I was captivated for so many reasons—its rawness, honesty, very creative editing and writing.  Who knew what a good writer is Mr. Kilmer. And what insight he provides into the acting profession. And … the powerful subplot of his relationship with his son in the making of the movie, makes the telling of this particular story very, very moving. 

Sheba is physically recovered, as I recently celebrated here on Saturday’s post. But her recovery has come at a price. She is not the Sheba I used to know; she’s now Sheba on Drugs. In a week, her dosage is halved for the second time. I’m hoping the reduction brings her a little more back to life. I am interacting with her a lot and guiltlessly giving her treats until the reduction. Sheba on Drugs makes me sad. I miss my old chum. I’m at the mercy of my vet’s advice.

Today, I walk with my small walking group, my regulars, and then I come home. Darrell will be building the new fence today. It’s an exciting day at Pinecone Park. 

Petrified Opal Wood

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