Monday, September 11, 2023

Slow Days

I’m stoked, the weather forecast is excellent during the days I’m going to be in Victoria. That is icing on the cake. It’ll be nice for Sheba because we can go for lots of walks together in the parks. 

Sunday was a great day. It was lovely and mild and bright. We went on the big community walk in the morning and then came home for lunch and some reading, on my part, and sleeping on her part. At 1:00, Ron came to take Her Highness for another walk. I think giving her lots of exercise keeps her mind off her feet.

And while she walked, I watered. And in the evening, I was happy to be on the couch watching some great TV. My favourite: The Great British Baking Show

It rained last night, so I am off duty as a waterer. Instead, I will do a lot of reading and I may go to the nursery for more plants. I am hoping that my new iPad from CAYA arrives today. I want to work on the Proloquo4Text software so that I can use it in Victoria at the end of the week.

On this damp and cloudy morning, I am thinking about the coming all-indoor season. I am going to miss the warmth and brightness of Summer as the days shorten and get wetter. It’s been a wonderful Summer—not too hot and so very much accomplished. In a way, I’m ready. I have a shitload of books ready for reading, and plenty of wood for my fires.

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