Monday, September 25, 2023


We got a storm alert on Saturday saying that Saturday night, a storm with high winds and heavy rain was coming. They also said today would be a dark, stormy very wet disaster of a day. But no storm arrived and yesterday was a lovely mild fragrant day. What a break.

I put bird seed in my feeders after taking the Summer off from feeding my lovely little creatures. It’s great to have them back, scores of them, playing, eating and chirping in delight of all the food. There were also several Stellar Jays making lots of noise and acting like bullies towards the little songbirds.

Late in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in promising to make truth-tellers of the prognosticators who’ve been talking storm talk for two days. I fed the pets at 4:30 and left for Kris and Steve’s for dinner—a nice reward for all the work I put into Saturday night’s dinner (with the failed tart). I always have tremendous fun with Kris, Steve and their friend, Nancy. I was not late getting home, and that was a good thing because I was beat for who knows what reason. I was very happy to go to bed early.

Last night there was lots of rain, and the rain is still falling. We’re expecting the rain to last through to Thursday night, but Friday promises to see the return of sunshine for several days. Here’s hoping. I’ll be spending the this week indoors, but on Thursday I go back to the eye surgeon, the sushi place and for more plants from the nursery.

Tonight, I’ll be working on monologue 2, but I’ll read much of my day today. 

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