Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Wow, Monday night was incredible. The lightning and thunder were loud and bright and endless. I can’t remember a storm like we had last night. And there was lots and lots of rain.

Sheba, bless her, is showing dramatic signs of improvement. She’s been going through the worst case of paw rot ever. I was so happy to see her get out of bed this morning and take up her regular routine. She’s slow and she still has problems, but she is clearly in less pain and I am not nearly so stressed.

And I heard from CAYA that my training is a go for Friday. Hooray! To celebrate, I bought a cheezy Buddha statue to sit atop a stump in my garden. I’m okay with cheezy once in a while. I think it’ll look okay. I’m keen to have something on the stump.

I had a great time bringing order to my pantry. Since moving into Pinecone Park 6 years ago, I’ve been adding more and more things to my pantry, and it was bursting and chaotic. Well, no more. I spent most of the morning organizing its contents and it’s wonderful to have everything in order. As good: I cleaned up the inbox of my email program. That, too, was long overdue.

I read most of the afternoon. It stayed cloudy all day, but it didn’t rain. Today has dawned much brighter. I have errands to do this morning. My afternoon will be soft and slow. Yay!

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