Sunday, August 6, 2023

All the Dresses and Mannequins are Gone

Wow! I was kept incredibly busy all afternoon Friday and all yesterday morning. Many, many people were interested in the things I was giving away and I felt compelled to answer every person. Still, I was high on the success of my work on Friday. It felt so, so good to get all the dresses out of the studio, and to clear the room of all the spiders, their webs and egg cases. The room was suffering from neglect. But no more. Now the room is very easy to clean.

Stacey came by with Otis at 7:00 yesterday morning, and we went for a good dog walk in the fresh morning air. It was glorious in thee forest on a bright, still Summer morning.  Once home, I changed my shirt I was sweating so much and got to work on the watering. But once I’d achieved a good start on all the watering, it was time to take my electronics to GIRO, my chopstick dress to Nova, and to do some shopping at the Farmers’ market.

Once home, it was lunch time, and then I got back to work in the studio. Dave and Ursula, next door, went to Nanaimo for the day yesterday, but they are around today, so I prepared a display of all my craft supplies for Ursula to peruse. I’m offering her anything she wants from my supplies for her work at the community day care. The rest will go to GIRO or I’ll get rid of them using Facebook.

There’s a ton of stuff to discard from the deconstructed dresses. I am bagging it and every two weeks I’ll put as much as I can into the garbage. I’m recycling all that I can, and I’ll be burning some after the rains come next week. But I loved sorting through everything and delegating it to trash or putting it on display on my big table so Ursula can take whatever she wants today when she comes over.

But what a job taking apart the marble dress. The entire bodice was marbles glued onto it. I took all the marbles off, one by one, and removed any glue stuck to them, but the big bag was the hard part. When I started removing the bag, I was impressed by my own work. The armature on which it was built was brilliant. I was so, so pleased with and proud of this dress. I’m sure I could have gotten rid of it as it was, as I did with the chopstick dress, but a guy wanted a mannequin and so I destroyed all of it. 


My mojo is back. I’m really enjoying transforming the studio, and when I am done, I’ll get back to the gardens. I’ve found my motivation again, and my energy, and thank God. There are tons of little jobs needing doing, and I’m up for doing them. I love being busy and having so many things to do. Time flies and I’m a happy guy. The change in the studio is inspiring, but there’s still a ton of stuff to do in there.

The clouds rolled in at 2:00, but it stayed hot. There are rumors of thunder tonight, so I brought in all the cushions on my chairs and returned to work in the studio. I worked until 4:00. By then, I was thoroughly pooped and ready for a spa before happy hour with COLD Diet Coke and then dinner. After that, of course, a movie.

I’m really chuffed by all that I have accomplished in the past 2 days, and I’ll be back at work today. But, if it’s nice at noontime, I’ll likely go to Silva Bay for fish tacos at the food truck. It’s my new Sunday tradition, and I love it. I love the tacos, the ambiance in the park and seeing people having fun at the artist booths, listening to the entertainment or at picnic tables eating their food.

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