Saturday, August 12, 2023

A Day of Exhaustion

When I awoke Friday morning, I wanted to light the fire. It was chilly inside the house. But as Her Highness and I were going to Nanaimo, I just put on a sweatshirt, and I warmed up as I got to work getting everything together for the day trip. Although it felt cool outside, the sky was blue and so a decent day for a road trip. 

The ferry is free when I have a medical appointment, so I took advantage of being on the big island to go to Canadian Tire to check out their plants, to Walmart for pet supplies and, of course, to the sushi place for lunch. Yum! Corey has me coming back in 2 weeks to see their chiropractor (which makes me nervous) and then him again.

We were home by 1:30 and I was good for nothing all the rest of the day. I did not sleep at all on Thursday night, so yesterday all I wanted to do was nap and be a couch potato, but it wasn’t easy to do either because of pain, so I took a 1988 Tylenol 3 and slept like a baby until midnight when I awoke with considerable pain. I took another Tylenol 3 and slept solidly through until 6:00 this morning.

After a good night’s sleep, the pain is much less today. I awoke enthused by the thought of a much less painful day. Plus, I weighed myself and I weighed exactly 35 pounds less than I did when I decided to stop eating meals except on special occasions. My conversion is complete. The thought of an entire meal is off putting. Since I started eating more often but much less, or grazing, I’ve had no acid reflux.

The entire coming week is predicted to be sunny and hot—around 30°. It’s awesome for Steve’s visit. I shall spend today going slow and easy. I’ve some planting to do. I got some red hot pokers and Dianthus on sale at Canadian Tire. I’ll read, have a spa and chill in the sun today, and David will be by. He’s planning on getting our shared splitter on Tuesday. I’m thrilled that I’ll have this practical tool on hand from now on.

I’m going to have a happy day. I’m thrilled to have slept well, to be lighter in weight and to have so much less constant pain that I had yesterday. Plus, Perseid season is coming and we’re going to have clear evenings in which to see it from my seat in the hot tub. Steve will like that. 

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