Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Just Another Lovely Day

Tuesday was another glorious day. It began with Kevin arriving to take Sheba for a morning walk, and then she came with me to the lab at the medical clinic where I got my blood testing done. Then, once back at Pinecone Park, I got to work moving plants around. I had Hostas in areas with too much sun, and other plants in shade needing more sun, so I got started on moving them, but I’m lacking in motivation. 

All I really want to do is read and chill, so I contacted a gardener to come and help me make decisions and to do some work for me. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to find someone because I did not want to post a help wanted ad on our community Facebook page. I did not want to place and ad asking for a female gardener because I thought I’d get shamed for specifying the gender. So, when I saw a post offering gardening assistance from a person named Bronwyn, I jumped.

It's getting hot again in the afternoons. It’s getting close to 30°, but that’s nothing compared to when we had the heat dome, and it was 42° here. Still, I don’t like working in heat, so I chose to chill in the afternoon.

Pete came by for a visit in the afternoon and he told me not to hire the gardener. He said he wants to help me do the work and I like that idea a lot. Pete has become a valued friend, and I reckon he likes my company as much as I enjoy his, so I’m bailing on the gardener.

Last night I had the best sleep because I found an old comforter that is much, much warmer and enticing than the one I’ve been using since I came here. I swapped it out for the one I’ve been using, and it is wonderful. I remember my first sleep with a comforter in FlΓΌelen, Switzerland. I have never slept without one since I came home from that trip in 1968.

Today is a big watering day, and for the rest of the day I’ll putter and read. 

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