Saturday, August 5, 2023

Destruction Day

Woo hoo! Rain is predicted for next Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m skeptical that it will be real rain. It’s likely to mean just a cloudy day or clouds and angel piss, but I hope it rains. I love the break from watering, and I’m happy that the forest gets a drink. Then we’re back to sunshine apparently, just in time for Steve’s arrive here.

Our morning walk yesterday morning was a great one. Stacy joined us and I walked without a cane. It was a really beautiful morning and as we walked the cinnamony smell of the forest was glorious, but with both hips hurting slightly, I was walking very slowly and rocking back and forth like an old, old man.

So, I started on the studio. I discovered something handy: GIRO our recycling organization takes electronic devices. I can get rid of an old TV and computer there. And I called our local disposal company for a quote. I’ve a lot of crap to get rid of, so I’ve asked for a quote on a truck full of stuff. I can hardly wait to be free of my dresses, although it will hurt a bit to see them go to trash. However, I’ll value having the studio clean and empty of stuff so that I can store my new dining set and my restored deck chairs through the Winter.

I destroyed all my dresses and cleaned up the 5 display mannequins. I called our local Gabe Shop that sells things to raise money for local health organizations, and they wanted 3 of them and a local gentleman wanted one, so I have only one left. And all 5 sewer’s mannequins are gone. So are all my jars of beads. Our community Facebook page works excellently for getting rid of stuff.

In the evening, I was speeding. I was stoned on achievement. I am excited about cleaning up the studio and making it practical in a new way. Bonus: I’m going to swap out the sofa in the studio with the one I’m currently using in the house. It’s a dead couch. But I’m going to offer the old one for free on Facebook, as well. 

I’ve still got a ton of crap to get rid of. I got rid of some beads on Facebook. But I’ve barely looked at what’s on the shelves. I started with the dresses. I reckon I can lose a lot of stuff. Then, in the Fall, I’ll likely pay to have a half-load taken to the dump in Nanaimo. Steve is going to help me shorten the legs to reduce the worktable to an eating table. I can have banquets in there. Not that I will. But I see great potential for a large potluck meal next Summer. Kris will help me.

It feels so good to be rid of those dresses. I’ve never felt attached to things, not even photographs. Only living things. My dresses died unseen by the public. Only my friends saw them, and I enjoyed showing them. I’ve been really touched by some things said to me about them. I was gushing when Dwight chose to tell me how he saw them one day. I will never forget that because those dresses earned me respect. What a gift. Moving on …

It started with the new deck. It’s giddy great, the deck. I sit out there now all the time. When it’s one or two people, we sit in my new refurbished chairs, just outside the kitchen, making it easy to fetch refreshments. The deck motivated me to build the new footpath and to buy the new deck furniture. And now I’m swapping out the sofa. It was a really expensive sofa. I’d sold my townhouse on the east side and bought a 700 square foot condo downtown where absolutely everything happened in the lining/living area, so I wanted a posh couch. But it’s past its prime.

I like all this change at Pinecone Park. It feels, more than ever, like a resort now. I owe it all to Pete. He did the deck. He project managed it. I love him for such a gift. I like change. It keeps me awake. When I was a teacher, I’d change the seating in the room to change human relationships in my classes. I changed it every month.

Gabriola: Life at Pinecone Park. Chapter Two. It begins. (I’ve changed the header/name of my blog again.)

This morning, I’ll be taking my retired electronics to GIRO for disposal. Yay! I love getting rid of things as much as I love getting new things. And I’ll do more cleaning up in the studio and I may have more things to give away. Facebook has made the getting rid of stuff a very easy task. I love re-homing things that are no longer of use to me. I’ll also, of course, be watering the gardens. It’s become hot again. It’s going to be 30+ degrees again today. 

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