Friday, August 25, 2023

Just Another Slow Day

Thursday was sunny and lovely and mild. Sheba was not at all inclined to walk, so we had a lovely lazy day together doing very, very little. I did only a little watering, and midday, I really enjoyed a nap in the sunshine. It wasn’t too hot to lie for 45 minutes, basking in the sun’s glorious warmth.

I arranged for a visit from the CAYA technical person. She’s coming next Friday to teach me how to get going on the devices. I can hardly wait for that day to come. After my nap, I went into the village to pick up a prescription and to get some groceries. It was just a slow and lovely day.

And finally, there is rain in the forecast. Next Monday evening and Tuesday, are predicted to be wet. I’ll be grateful for the break from watering my gardens.

I’m not perfect when it comes to doing my monologue. I’m practicing every day now and I’m confident I’ll be in a strong position for the performances. I have 3 weeks until the event.

And I have a date now for my eye surgeries. I’m stoked for these procedures because I believe I’ll have perfect vision. Since I started using eye drops, I have stopped using my reading glasses when I am using my computer. I can’t believe that. And when the surgeries are done, I’s sure I’ll be seeing perfectly because when they do the cataract surgeries, I pay extra to correct my astigmatism. Woo hoo.

Sheba is much better. We walked this morning. And I will have another lovely lazy day all to myself. I’ll read, I’ll nap in the sunshine, and I’ll rehearse my lines, and tonight I’ll watch another movie. I love Kanopy. There are a million interesting movies that I have never heard of for me to watch.

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