Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Drumbeat Day

Tuesday was fabulous. I began by watering the gardens in the fresh morning air. Then we went into the village to shop for supplies with which to make ourselves a picnic. Then we picked up Dave, from next door, and drove him to his newly repaired car at the automotive shop. We dropped him off and then headed to Drumbeg for our picnic.

We found a glorious place, just above the beach, where there was a lovely bench and plenty of shade. We put a nice big blanket down and I had 2 collapsible chairs. Sheba loved the blankie. I stayed put all afternoon, but Steve went for walks along the beach. We were both is heaven due to the beauty of Drumbeg, the heat and all our good food. We left at 4:30. It was 35°.

It was lovely to come home to a nice cool home. I was pooped! Steve immediately took a nap while I did some watering, and then Steve made us dinner. The rest of the night was spent watching movies and then it was bed time.

We were thrilled with our day. Just lazing in the shade of Drumbeg Park together, me reading, Steve exploring, was a delight. Every year he visits, Steve praises the island’s ability to slow him down, to see the small things and to remind him of the beauty of life close to nature. We had a wonderful day, and today will be the same. We are off to Nanaimo to eat sushi for lunch, visit parks and then to have dinner at Mahle House, my favourite restaurant in this area.

Native succulents.

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