Monday, August 14, 2023

I love Sundays and Fish Tacos

Sunday began with watering, of course, and then I cleaned up the interior of the car. I washed the exterior on Friday. At 11:00, Ron came to take Sheba for a walk, and I rested after all the watering and cleaning. All the work I did, I did while standing and so I was beat by the time Ron arrived. As I worked, all I could think about was fish tacos.

Thankfully, the wind was back again. It was not as strong as it was on Saturday, but there was enough to keep me from overheating. When Ron came by for Sheba, it was already 27° and I knew that the afternoon might turn too warm to do anything. Doing little was fine with me because starting this afternoon, when Steve arrives, he’ll want to be doing things all the time.

When they came home from the walk, I fed Sheba and let her rest a while, then we went to Silva Bay for tacos and some chillin’ time watching all the people and listening to the music. I didn’t stay long, and as I was leaving, I had a wonderful surprise. I heard someone call my name, and there was Susan Anderson. I haven’t seen her in ages, and it was so, so great to see her. We met in 1959 at the RVYC Summer sailing school and we’ve been friends ever since.

I’d forgotten that a surprise encounter between us had happened before. When I was in India long ago, I was having breakfast by myself one morning, and when I looked up, there was Susan on the porch of the boutique hotel next door, looking for her keys. I shouted hello and we had a wonderful day together before she left to travel north.

In the evening, I was hurting so I went to bed early. I had a rough night but eventually sleep came and I feel decent for Steve’s arrival this afternoon. But now I’m out the door to water all the gardens.

Next week my CAYA devices should arrive. I can hardly wait. Yesterday, when I went to the food truck, I pined for the Boogie Board I’ll be getting.

When it was my turn to order, I handed the clerk my order. She’s used to dealing with me. As well as my order, I wrote my name because that’s how they tell you when your order is ready, they call your name. And in brackets after my name, I wrote, “I can hear.” The woman thinks I’m deaf. But she didn’t read that line.  When I get my Boogie Board, it’ll speak for me and she’ll hear that I am a hearing person.

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