Sunday, August 27, 2023

A Perfect Late Summer Day!

Saturday was fabulous. It was such a nice day! At 2:30 it was 30° but I was reading in the shade and so I wasn’t felled by the heat. 

Sheba and I went for an early morning walk in one of my favourite places to walk, a big open meadow that is always in the sunshine. Then we went to the farmers’ market where we saw lots of beings we knew—4-legged and 2-legged. And then we came home to water and just as I was about to dive into my book, Pete came over and we tightened some of the screws on my roof.

And while he was over, Ron came to walk Sheba, and that was perfect given that she’d be alone for a while during dinner. I was blissfully happy all day. I had to do very little watering.

Just past 4:30, Nancy and Kris arrived for Prosecco in the garden. I showed them all my new communication devices because it was Kris who discovered CAYA for me. And then we went in to Woodfire for dinner. I love the food at Woodfire; I love the atmosphere at The Surf.

We had a blast at Woodfire. Jess was our server, and we all know and like her. We don’t know, but also ‘like’ the bartender. All three of us have been ‘lusting’ after him forever, so last night I told Jess that we’d all need a cup of bartender to take home and minutes later guess who arrives at our table. His name is Chris, he’s hotter than molten glass, and he’s the nicest guy you could ever want to meet. God bless Jess!

We had a lovely chat and he mentioned that he created all the mixed drinks that they are serving, and he said he was proudest of his chocolate/raspberry martini, so we ordered one to share and taste. I drank most of it. It was the first time in my life I have consumed vodka, but I couldn’t taste it. What fun we had.

It was a spectacular day!

Sheba is really feeling poorly. She has a second bad foot, so we’ll be staying close to home, and I’ll be paying lots of attention to her. This afternoon, Julien and his partner arrive for a short visit. I must go into Nanaimo to the physio tomorrow, so they will come to Nanaimo with me and catch a ride from Julien’s father to go to his brother’s wedding.

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