Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yay Bruce! Yay Me!

I am completely knackered from Steve and Tim’s visit, the fireworks and their crowds and noise and the Pride parade. I could barely handle yesterday: Dr. Shoja, visiting Bruce and then hosting Mary-Lou’s visit late in the afternoon. I need a few days in a row with no people but that’s not going to happen for a while.
I went to see Bruce yesterday and called before I got there. I told him I would meet him outside on the bench where we often sit. I got there first and sat down and a few minutes later out he came: No walker, no cane, nothing! He was walking on his own. It was so great to see.
And… I registered yesterday to begin ASL (American Sign Language) classes in September. So many people think I am deaf and sign to me that I’m going to learn how to politely explain that I can hear and to thank them for their kindness. I’ve thought about it long and hard and speaking to strangers is so hard and exhausting, I am super keen about being able to potentially communicate easily.
Today all I have is two doctor appointments. They are short and sweet so I’ll have most of the day to myself to chill out. And then tomorrow my only commitment is a walk with Cathy that I’ll enjoy. If I cut back on social engagements and chill out, in a week my speech will be better again.

The British King Edward VII had very strong sexual appetites. 
His whole life was filled with affairs, scandals, mistresses, 
and lurid brothel visits. His nickname among the Royal Family 
was Bertie, but many fittingly called him “dirty Bertie” 
as well as “Edward the Caresser”. As the King grew older, he found 
more and more difficult to make whoopee due to his increasing 
weight and arthritis.  However his sexual appetites did not decrease with age. 

Stunning: Pitcher plant.

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