Saturday, August 5, 2017

Twice The Pollution of Beijing

The sun is reddened by the forest fire smoke.
Steve loves Pride.

The air quality sucks. Our air is twice as polluted as Beijing right now  and I walked all the way to visit Bruce yesterday.  Last night I stayed cozy at home while gazillions boogied like mad out on the street outside my window to celebrate Pride. Last night’s party was the largest one yet.
This afternoon Steve, Tim and I are going to the beach even though we’ll be under thick smoke. It’s lovely and calm there so I’ll enjoy just sitting and chatting. Tonight I’ll be home while the world assembles for the final night of fireworks in English Bay.
Next week Steve will be back in L.A. and it will be Bruce’s last full week at Holy Family Hospital. I won’t be going to visit him as often so as to wean myself from frequent contact. Once he’s home, I doubt I’ll see him very often; our lives will return to normal.
And I’ll continue to wait to hear about my play from the Arts Club. I’m sure I’ll hear this month and that’s fine. I’ve settled into being neither pessimistic nor optimistic; I just keen to know.

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