Monday, September 16, 2019

Vile Weather; Vile Politics

Ah the idle life! I really enjoyed my spa yesterday morning. I had a long one because it’s so novel to be toasty warm outdoors under so ominous looking a sky. What held me there so long, however, were the birds. Out of sight, in the water, I seem to disappear to them and I delight in al they do and say.
The songs of some are simply angelic. One little plain bird spent a good ten minutes just sitting on my side table chirping and it was as beautiful as a Gregorian chant. Between bouts of song, it would sip water off the glass surface of the table. I now scatter birdseed on pavement and fence tops for them too; I don’t just fill the feeders, so I have a plethora of them to enjoy. They’ve become an immense source of pleasure.

I can almost watch the grass grow. I’m stunned by how quickly the lawn comes in once it starts. It’s incredibly satisfying; I’m seeing the yard now as I envisioned last May when I started the landscaping project.
In the photo above you can see how dense the first section I seeded is. And to the left of the walk, in the back, is the second section I seeded. Saturday night I could see no shoots of grass in section two, but yesterday morning it was evident all over and by the end of the day it was looking remarkable because the soil dried a bit in during the afternoon in which there were sunny periods.
Through the night I woke a couple of times to see moonlight making my front garden sparkle. Each time, I went back to bed with great hopes for today but thick dark ominous looking clouds rolled in. They lasted until noon when the sky lightened and there were some periods with actual shadows. Tomorrow’s likely to be wet again, too, but after that it’s supposed to be dry for several days. I can hardly wait to get back to yard work.
It’s sad to see the NDP and the Greens fighting, but that’s politics. I’m feeling far more Green than NDP, and I’ve been a life-long NDP-er. I wish they’d amalgamate to form a more robust alternate to the Conservatives and Liberals.
I hate elections. I feel forced to realize how manipulative the process is; no one from the two major parties appeals to me simply because they belong to parties for which I have no respect. They sound dishonest and/or disingenuous. 

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