Monday, September 9, 2019

And So It Goes ...

Early Sunday morning, I took Jay for breakfast at Robert’s to thank him for lending me the tools I used to disassemble the palettes. It felt somber at 7:45 and after the downpour. I haven’t seen rain like that for months and months. It was dense!
I came home to get Sheba and we went on the big community dog walk together. I put on my boots and jeans and wound up entirely overdressed and hot. We walked where there has been absolutely no rain and whereas some of the people on the walk had a deluge as I did, most didn’t. It was the talk of the walk.
After the walk I went to Eoin’s and François’ new house. They are almost ready to move in and they’re going to have the best life there. It’s a spectacular home; Sheba was more interested in their two Whippets than the house. Then I came home to finish layering the soil on Section Three and seeding it.
It was cool and it was nice to work without a looming deadline (I’ve no more soil on order); I can work at the pace that my energy and the weather afford. Still, I felt exhausted from the string of days of physical labour. So once Section Three was finished, I was into the spa and then into bed for a nap. After that, I baked some cookies with which to celebrate.
But what an achievement! The largest section of the yard is finished—almost half the backyard is done. And last night there was at least one light shower, so I’m lucking out with the weather.
I’m going to start on Section One today. During the next three days of mixed weather, I intend to get Section One done. Then, on Thursday and Friday, I’ll be prepping for a dinner party I’m hosting for three members of my small dog-walking group on Friday night—Friday the 13th. If I can finish Section One, 75% of the yard will be done, leaving only one last small part to be finished. I can hardly believe it.
I can feel my old life slipping away. Understandably, my move severed ties with most all of my former acquaintances. A few true friends and I are still solid. I miss my former boss, David, a lot, but I sense his partner is not fond of me, so I’ve let that friendship whither and it hurts. However, my relationships here are growing.
I have a lot of Salal leaves now. Every day when I walk Sheba, I fill a pocket with them and so I’ll have plenty with which to experiment once the work on the yard is done. I’m ready for winter!

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