Sunday, September 1, 2019

A Meander

Well, it was “screw working” at pinecone Park on Saturday. I did not want to work at all; instead, I made a big batch of Mulligatawny soup. It was cloudy until really late in the day.
I had no idea Mulligatawny soup was Indian in origin; Tamil to be exact. And to think I was in Tamil Nadu for a quite a while and never knew or tasted it. I love it, too. The recipe I followed has Apple in it and I added Garlic—and lots of Chicken. It’s delicious. Fall has started chez moi, even though the temperatures outdoors still say summer!
In the afternoon, I went for a walk with Sheba. Now… usually I have a “lets get this over with” attitude to our walks because I am so keen to get to my landscaping or pathway work. But yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk for waking sake with Her Highness and it was absolutely delightful. (Below are my photos.)
Today I’ll go on the big dog walk and then I may do some yard work or I may not. Late this afternoon my billets arrive to stay. Then they go off to their evening performance and I go to Dianne’s with an Apple tart I’ve baked.

Some of the Ferns are eight feet tall!

Alder bark is beautiful. 
Some Alders have socks.
Arbutus trees give our forest a tropical feel.

I love when we come to a meadow.

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