Sunday, September 29, 2019

That's Mr. Idleasshöl

My fellow dog walkers and I start our walks briskly in the mornings now because we want to get warm. But the sun continues to shine all day again. 
I came home yesterday and found myself challenged to muster the energy it took to get out in the garden. But the Croci called and I got all one hundred of them planted.
Once I got started working outside, it felt good to be back in the garden. The perennials are looking beautiful right now, but the annuals are dying back. The veggie garden is looking very sad, but the Marijuana plants are lush and green after so much rain.
I went to the farmers’ market yesterday morning and in the afternoon I did little but I savored one long session in the spa. I love getting in during cool weather. It’s only around 8° in the mornings when it’s clear, but it’s been lovely. By mid-afternoon it’s usually around 18°. 
Today is the big community dog walk and after that … who knows! I hope I do some transplanting I’ve left to do. It’s either that, or starting work on my leaves.

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