Saturday, September 21, 2019

To Victoria!

Friday became a beautiful day early in the morning. I went on the dog walk, went shopping for a big supply run and came home to do laundry and other household duties before moving the last of my soil onto the front lawn and doing some re-seeding there. It was a beautiful day.
What saddened me about yesterday was in how much trouble I had talking to people on the walk and in the stores. And I had two seizures in the morning. It’s all, I’m certain, due to anticipation about my trip to Victoria today. I can’t control my symptoms; I wish I could.
So I’m leaving Sheba with her best friend today. Minjou, Anna’s dog, went to puppy school with Shebie and they absolutely love each other. They are best friends, and everyone on our walks know it. She’ll spend the day with Minjie and then Anna will bring Sheba home before she goes to a party and Sheba will be here when I get home.
These trips are hard on me but I will not stop visiting friends in Vancouver and on The big island. I get through my symptoms every time and have great times too. 
My friend Sue is dealing with horrid chronic pain, Dwighty just went through cancer treatment, Karen weighs 84 pounds and is very frail, Mo has MS, Brucie had an aneurism and my beloved Cathy passed away from an aneurism; I am of the age but I feel only lightly burdened by my health and mental health.
I notice that every news outlet I see is carrying a story that Trudeau is going to personally call Jagmeet Singh to apologize for going brown face. He hasn’t called Mr. Singh. No. He announced that he will, so that everyone knows; he wants to look good but his actions say he’s not as good as he wants us to believe. He’s now trying to use his social gaffe to score political points for the election. He guy never stops. 
Don’t misunderstand my distaste for Trudeau the politician. I don’t like his party; I’m sure the guy is a decent m an. And I loathe Scheer and his party; I’d much rather have Trudeau leading us. But I’m an NDP/Green person at heart. 

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