Thursday, September 5, 2019

Soil and Seed Spreading Starts

The soil and seed will be delivered this morning and I will begin the last job of this massive landscaping project. And—praise Jesus—the rain is coming. It’s predicted to start on Saturday and the ensuing days look to be ideal for grass growing.
I’ll spread as much soil and seed as I can today and tomorrow and then, between showers, I’ll continue until I get the whole yard done. Three months of diligent work is suddenly, and very quickly, coming to an end.
Yesterday I felt practically giddy fastening and filling the final stretch of the pathway. I was warm in the sunshine, my work coincided with classical music on the CBC (not pop music) and I reveled in the knowledge of what today would bring.
I took the tools I borrowed from Jay to deconstruct the palettes and he showed me three old palettes rotting behind his garage—enough for me to use to finish the path. He’s going to deliver them. Could a nicer guy be my friend? So I’ll be able to finish the pathway once I’m done seeding.
A question from a reader: Why is my pathway on/in the ground and not raised on runners? There’s a one-word answer to that question: Critters. I do not want to build a home for rodents or whatever else might take up residence thereunder.

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