Thursday, September 12, 2019

I Feel Victorious!

It’s done. Section 3 is seeded and there’s even zillions of little shoots of grass coming up. 
Section 2 was seeded yesterday and Section 1 has had nothing done to it since being 
tilling in June. (That lighter part of Section 3 is grass coming up!)

I’m absolutely ecstatic! The grass is really growing in quickly in the part of Section Three that I did first. And the entirety of Section One is layered in soil and seeded. And now we are scheduled to have four days of showery weather—perfect weather for emerging lawn.
I also did some repair work on the pathway, fed and covered the Marijuana (to protect it from the rain) and did a big shop. I’ve a lot of baking and cooking to do today and tomorrow before my dinner party tomorrow night.
Sheba was limping on one foot as late yesterday. She otherwise seemed fine, so I didn’t freak out but I was very worried. I kept her calm all evening and lifted her onto our bed when we went to sleep. Through the night, I only slept lightly; I was constantly checking for her and seeing if she was licking her foot.
But hooray. And boy do I mean that! She’s much, much better this morning and I’m so happy and relieved. She’s my baby!
There was some rain overnight and it’s predicted to be showery for the next four days— great news for the lawn—and for my Marijuana. The cover over my pot plants worked; it stayed up all night. 
Today I’ll prep some of the food I’m serving tomorrow and I’ll do some tidying in the shed that’s a mess from all my work this summer. I reckon that if I restore order I may be able to disassemble the latest palettes to arrive and stain them so that when good weather returns, I can lay more of the pathway.
My mental health is still really strong. I’ve not had a migraine or seizure for weeks and my speech has been really good. I have that “cured” feeling again. I know I’m not cured— all I have to do is try to talk out loud alone to know I’m still screwed up—but I love these periods of good health. Even my wrist is better—not fixed, but better.

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