Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To John's House, 2nd & Alma

Look at the forecast!! Woo hoo! Walking every day.

Today I went over the Burrard Bridge to Kits Pool, along that path behind the houses on Point Grey Road and then up Trafalgar to Fourth Avenue where it is a wreck of construction as they replace the sewer system. Up to Fifth (to get away from the construction dust) and along to Alma then to John's where Warren recorded John's and my "Orphan Song" that we are going to post on YouTube.

Home vis Dwight's at 10th and Alma along Broadway to the tracks at Arbutus. I followed the tracks to Granville Island where I took the ferry across False Creek and walked home.

Smells of Note: The incredibly fragrant Cottonwood Trees beside the Burrard Bridge; the fresh pain, a glorious smell from my youth, at Kits Pool; the smell of tar, reminiscent of summers past, on Fourth Avenue; the smell of urine cakes in a public washroom reminded me of my youthful swimming lessons.

These smells of the fresh paint, wood smoke from a backyard, cut grass and the tar all remind me of the ecstasy of my youth in the 1950s. I miss the simplicity of life back then when doors were left unlocked and every trip downtown meant bumping into someone known.

Left at 10:00; back at 2:00, with a half-hour in the studio. Cool and a cold wind.

 Re-painting Kits Pool.
 One of my favourite houses in Vancouver 
on its huge lot on Point Grey Road.
John's House. His studio is in the basement. 
 Warren laying down a track.
John at master controls.

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