Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day: The Flame

Today is still cool in the shade so I did my taxes, the taxes of the woman I look after and my GST/HST filing so this afternoon's walk is not only free of memorizing for my play (done and over) but free of the angst of work due. My plate is truly clean as I leave to do The Flame tonight.

The Flame is a story-telling forum here that I am doing for the fourth time. I am proud to say I am a regular. I love walking there in good weather and tonight I stopped on the way to see Rita and give her a box of chocolates. Rita is the woman I look after; she has no memory.

I walked through Queen Elizabeth Park to the Cottage Bistro where The Flame happens. I was up fourth, right before intermission. It went very well. There is always a huge audience. I love The Flame community. One first-timer, Gerald Singh, told a fabulous story of love and learning about his cat. I sat with the gorgeous Phoebe Vlassis who was impossibly charming. And Gary Jones always knocks things out of the park. Aaron (see below) was my highlight of the night.

Whatever plant this is, I LOVE it. It is beautifully fragrant. 

 Queen Elizabeth Park.

Another plant that I do not know the name of.

Cottage Bistro. The Flame is the first Wednesday of each month (except during the summer).

My fans Dianne and Dawn-Rae.

The crowd.

Arron's story of love for his (adopted) mother and her helping him find courage made me cry. He was just amazing. He is a born story teller, a new Dad and a clown.  

Moi. My first funny story.

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