Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday: A Break!

The sun came out at noon, so I was out like a shadow, but without much time to think about anything, I headed for the 70th and South West Marine subway station so that I could get a ride back and be rested for my dinner with Kelly. I had a great time! The weather was perfect being cooler, because I was thoroughly comfortable—neither warm nor cool. The temperature was ideal for walking.

And after a lot of walking earlier in the month, then a wet week, I found walking today to be sublime. I am in good shape now, so I got to Oakridge in an hour and with two stops, to the subway station in another hour—two hours total. That is good timing.

 This is the east end of my street (Davie; I live at Hornby and Davie). The other end is English Bay beach, so my street has water and a public park at each end.

 This nice new flat sidewalk goes forever and is one reason I love walking Cambie.

This unused corner lot is now a vegetable garden; it is right beside a bus stop.

 At SW Marine and Cambie, the Canada Line subway (now 3 years old) is driving redevelopment of the entire route. I passed 14 houses slated for demolition that will become condos.

There was a man with an intellectual challenge on the Canada Line. He was wearing a t-shirt and an enormous hernia was hanging down and attracting the attention of everyone in the car. People were speaking in glances instead of words.

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