Friday, May 10, 2013

To Park Royal. Lighthouse Park and part-way Back

Todays walk was to Park Royal in West Vancouver to meet Leslie. It is a walk I do often but today it concluded in a car because Les drove us to Lighthouse Park for a picnic—my second picnic this year already. It was a lovely walk—I love starting early when no one else is on the trails and the air smells so fresh, and a lovely walk in the park. Les drove me to 30th and Marine in West van and I walked along Bellevue and the water to 14th to get the bus downtown and got off early because it was such a beautiful night.

This is Helmcken at the end of the lane behind my house. This is the last block of the new Comox Bike and Pedestrian route from the city to Stanley Park. I took it today and passed many sights. 

 Installing the lines for the bikes on the new route (left) beside a community garden.

Look at that purple Wall Flower!

 Passed my favourite B&B.

 Passed where I lived in my very first apartment.

 Through the new Comox Pedestrian route enters Stanley Park.

 Passed the Heron rookery.

 Passed the park restaurant where I used to do design and print the menu in exchange for a food credit. Yum.

Passed the mini-golf in Stanley Park.

 Camelia walk.

I never tire of this landscape of my life.

Home on our walk.

 The delicious picnic.

This eagle was perched on the top of a seaside apartment building on my walk home.

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