Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday May 29

The rain continues, but I will get in a short walk in today. But it seems good times are ahead.

About Wednesday:

  1. I sold 30 books, which was nice.
  2. I got a great tax refund!
  3. One section of my course is confirmed for this summer term.
  4. I spent 2.5 hours in my dentist's chair!

Whenever I think about "new technologies," I always think about my Apple devices but yesterday's visit to the dentist reminded me that there is no greater love than "new technologies" that take away pain. I haven't had dental work done for years—I am an avid tooth brusher—so I was not looking forward to three needles and the drilling that goes into making crowns and I chose to have two crowns done on the same day.

I chose Stan as my dentist because he has nitrous oxide and I always took advantage of every option when it came to drills and needles because I retained a childhood fear of dentistry and dentists. But Stan did everything and I had not a second of pain.

Stan's office is in Lynn Valley. Normally I walk at least one way; sometimes I walk there and back. I give myself three hours and I was surprised to discover that taking transit takes an hour and a half!

Why Not Walking Can Be As Rewarding As Walking

On the transit ride from the Sea Bus terminal in North Vancouver to 19th and Grand Boulevard I was one of two people over sixteen. The bus was so full of teenagers in heat that it didn't stop to pick anyone up. Transit could be a writer's greatest resource for insight into personalities far different from one's own and from those of one's friends.

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