Sunday, May 19, 2013

To a Birthday Party

Today began cloudy but I could see light on the horizon and figured it would be sunny late in the afternoon. And guess what? I was bang on, so I decided to walk to my party date in North Van. It took exactly three hours during, really, the most beautiful time of the day. The party was to celebrate the 65th birthday of my friend Karen.

 Please walk on the grass.

 A meadow of daisies.

A stunning tree of little bells.

Moss. Beautiful.

Skunk Cabbage belongs to an elite genus of plants that can produce heat.

Two cruise ships leave the harbour as I walk over the bridge.

 Broom. I love it!

Karen's daughter lives on West 22nd, in North Van. In that part of the district, there are lots of older and very small houses plus some larger older homes (above and below).

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