Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Gardens

Some days Chris doesn't walk and today is one of them. As I write it is 14:00 and I have just come home from a lovely two-garden quick visit with friend Mary-Lou who is just back from France. We first went to Queen Elizabeth Park in the rain to go to the (covered) Blodel Conservatory but it was raining inside too. The plants and the birds were glorious and, as always, Mary-Lou is delightful company. Then we went for lunch at the van Deusen Garden and after lunch, for a stroll in the garden during a break in the rain.

But thank God for the rain—the plants needed it and since it is still warm, walking, even during a light shower, is wonderful.

 Scarlet Macaw.

 This grows on a single stem. Like a crown for a performer.

Look at those blue feathers!

Grey African delight. He was very communicative.


Does M'Lou not rock?!

Simple elegance in avian design.

I have no idea what the name of t his beauty is.

This is the only shot I took at van Deusen. The Alium and Laburnum were stunning.

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