Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slow Way Round the Stanley Park

I got errands done today, then had lunch with a friend from PAL, the charity I volunteer with, then took PAL $9,125 I earned from a play I wrote and then I walked the seawall. It is something I do often, but setting out at 14:00 is always great because the sidewalk is sparsely populated. It was another spectacular day.

Sadly, my BLS is back. That's what I call it. It is like having a sunburn but it is inside my skin. My leg turns bright red from blood in my tissue that slowly dissipates over two days.

This "summer in spring" is murder on my asthma, glorious to smell and the effect on the eyes can be almost hallucinogenic when the wind blows.

 I was charmed by the sight of this handsome young man walking and talking (with palpable interest) with the woman on his arm—my sense is that she is a senior member of his family. They were a delightful antidote to the many things I saw perpetrated by idiots.

 So few people on the wall.

 A man whose memory and accomplishment I love deeply. What a legacy.

 By the time I got to English Bay, the crowds were building for the evening sun.

I love the Park Board mini-gardens.

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