Monday, May 6, 2013

Today, Part one: Lunch and the Theatre

A routine walk this morning to Granville Island via Science World—taking the long way round and it was FABULOUS to be out early in the morning—necessitated by the heat. I ferried home and we had lunch en pleine aire on the roof. It was delightful. Cathy, Leslie and I.

At 6:00, I walked the route again, this time to see Do You Have What I Want: A Craigslist Cantata at the Arts Club Revue Stage on Granville Island. Although the walk is routine, it is gorgeous because we have the floral display of Spring in Summer weather. The show was FANTASTIC in every way! Yay local talent!

Today's walks total about 2.5  hours. Yesterday was 5 hours; most walks are 3 hours. I walk briskly normally, but have a saunter pace for days when I am eager to take a long time to get somewhere.

 Dragon boats in the evening sun on my way to the theatre.

That Paaulonia tree again. Magnificence in a parking lot (mentioned before at the end of this post).

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