Monday, May 20, 2013

Burnaby Lake

Cloudy, then sunny periods and quite warm, then cloudy again. A perfect day for a 4.5-hour walk around Burnaby Lake and really, about 350 kilometres into this season's walking, I truly have my "walking legs." They give me that endorphin-like high that comes from being in great walking shape now.

Today, at times, I felt as good as it is possible to feel due to the smell of the humidity, the feeling of the lovely warm sun on my back and hearing only birdsong—and in particular, Swainson's Thrush (which you can hear here by clicking on "Song, call." I also felt superb because I had no map, was in an area I had never been in before and that made me remember, vividly, my walking in France two years ago when I was walking in the same circumstances. It was an excellent wonderful day.

My walk around the lake began in pastoral splendour...

that boasted many lovely sights.

 And the air was full of Cottonwood fluff that got caught in the cattails.

These were a new form of cattail to me... slender and thinly leafed.

 Glory be to dapples things ... I Love Gerard Manly Hopkins.

 The lake panorama. (Click to enlarge.)

Huge Skunk Cabbage grow here.


 Look at the Cottonwood fluff on the lake (and the baby geese); my asthma sometimes makes these wonderful outdoor escapades a challenge.

The fish ladder at the end of the lake.


Long stretches of the path were boardwalks.

Salmon berries. Mmmmmm!

Lots of bird houses dotted the route.

 Once I left the lake, I was on a nice gravel path, but then ...

 it led to an industrial detour that passed ....
 Jack's and then ...

got seriously industrial, but then, at the end....

... poppies!

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