Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Election Day

Today is Election Day. I have lived in BC all my life. Other than when Mike Harcourt was Premier, I have been disgusted with all our provincial governments. But hey....

Whereas on a sunny day, I cannot bear being inside and can hardly wait to walk, on cloudy days I have more trouble with motivation. Today was one of those days, but once I got out in the mild air that smelled so good after yesterday's rain, I had no trouble meandering for three hours.

Stove polling station?

At the foot of Hornby (my street) is the pedestrian ferry terminal for Granville Island and other parts of False Creek. 

 See that yellow dust at the bottom of the picture? That is pollen. I have asthma. I lose 40% of my breathing capacity when only .04% of the air has particulates so days like today are brutal.

 The beach, although not pretty, is ten minutes from my house.

Our AIDS memorial. I saw many friends names.

The Iris are out on Lost Lagoon.

I never tire of this fountain in Lost Lagoon.

 AN orchid like flower I loved seeing today.

That fabulous convention centre roof.

miles of Wall Flowers! Mmmm....

Jack Poole Plaza and the mountains behind. This was the Olympic Caldron during our Olympics in 2010.

Way too many buildings with reflective surfaces and boring shapes. 

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