Friday, May 17, 2013

Walking Indoors

This was up in the design department so I am not sure if Karla is a film or design student. Regardless, I love the power of her title or advertising graphic.

Today being damp at times and iffy at others, I gave myself a treat and went to the always highly stimulating (and indoor) grad show at Emily Carr University (where I teach, post retirement). You can do a lot of dry walking to see this large show spread out through the campus—a campus cleared of furniture, students, faculty, detritus and glows. The grad show is a creativity festival.

Afterwards, I coached a new client and re-discovered the joy of mentoring. Sometimes artists seek me out to ask me questions and then resist my advice; other times artists whose work sucks want to hire me as a consultant. But when a nice person who is a clever artist seeks my advice and demonstrates a healthy history with sales and an entrepreneurial bent, I am in teacher heaven.

You can view (some of) the online catalogue here.

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