Friday, May 3, 2013

UBC to Kits Pool

WIth the sun back, I was excited about walking again today. (Yesterday was not so inspirational.)

I decided to bus to UBC and walk back into Kits Pool.

Please note: I walk with no music or cell phone. I do carry Diet Coke though. And today was just so inspiring because it was so lovely and the beach walk was so quiet—there were none of the usual crowds.

The UBC campus will be another walk. It has changed so incredibly much since I was a student there. The campus is beautiful and expansive, beautifully landscaped and there is lots of interesting architecture (except for the Chan Centre exterior).

Oddest walk event: I stopped to sit on a log on Spanish Banks beach. I rested no more than five minutes, then I got up, slung my backpack on my back and headed east. Then I felt stinging on my arm and when I looked at my arm, it and my backpack and my chest was COVERD in little ants that were attracted to something in my backpack. I did the shake-your-clothes dance for no one to see.

In the evening, I went to Edwin and Jude's house where I enjoyed a beautiful alter-afternoon repose, then bussed to Fraser and King Edward to walk south to Moberly Arts Centre to see a show by new friend Aaron.

This looks like nothing, I know, but wait till summer. It is, Fireweed, I think, and it becomes beautiful as it goes through its flowering and seeding.

 The view at the tip of Point Grey never fails to impress.

 Above and below is a meadow and you don't find many public meadows now a days.

 Even the weeds in Spring are beautiful.

The beach was empty!

This is new beach. This was where the old Army dock was. The dock was removed last year. 

Miami? No. Point Grey Road. 

Beautiful Tulips at Brock Pavilion.

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