Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Extreme Tip of Point Grey

Today was a long walk to the very tip of Point Grey. What is cool is how easy and straight a route it is. I walk over the Granville Bridge just 3 blocks from me and I use the Fir Street exit to 8th and Fir. I go right on 8th all the way to Alma then through the UBC Endowment Lands through a trail that takes me to the campus village. From there to the beach and back to the bus loop to take the bus home because I am going to the opera tonight.

The whitest Lilac I have ever seen plus a purple one plus a Hawthorne.

 I crossed the train tracks at Arbutus that are a great walk south.

A fities cafe I passed and loved the look of.

 Chairs on the sidewalk.

 Mad for Azaleas.

A house I passed.

UBC Biological Sciences Building.

 Pharmaceutical Sciences Building.

 I saw this nurse on a building at UBC and I recognize her as having been rescued from the beautiful old Medical Dental Building on Georgia Street that was demolished.

 The Main Mall at UBC is now roadless and gorgeous. It is a huge open swath across the campus going North to South.

 The beach at the tip of Point Grey.

The Biodiversity Museum where you can see the skeleton of a sperm whale.

The former main intersection of campus no longer supports cars. This is Main Mall and University Boulevard. The boulevard is now a water cascade (see below).

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