Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three One-Hour Walks

Another beautiful day. Are you noticing how Vancouver is not the city of endless rain as per its reputation? Today's walks were short. I went downtown to have lunch with buddy Dwight, then came home, then walked to near the Olympic village to see newborn Maddie, daughter of dear young friend, Stephanie, and her husband, Adrian. Then I walked home, and after that, I walked to the Stanley Theatre (not directly) to see Dream Girls.

I live in a stunning civic setting, but the overwhelming sense of newness, standardization and order is rather depressing. But the sea, the endless fresh air, the moderate climate, the mountains and an abundance of space and corridors for human traffic make this city a paradise. Now, if only they would get a bike system like Montréal has.

 My street, Hornby, a few blocks north beside the court house. (Above and below.)

Men in suites.

 I love Next Noodle Bar on Robson for food. I love the staff and its owners, the service and the entire menu.
Dwight and our lunch.

 Maddie above and with Mom below.

 False Creek (above and below) on a genius day.

 This lovely terrace (above and below) in Yaletown is less than ten minutes from my house.

Sequin pants, yellow and black fringes (two) on the pant bottoms, red lips, large glasses and in her sixties.

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