Saturday, May 4, 2013

East Side Meander

I awoke to a stunning day and thought I would walk the railway tracks from Granville Island to wherever they took me, but instead I wound up walking along False Creek (a favourite walk) to Sciene World and then up Main to 14th.

At 14th, I asked myself, "Why are you walking on so busy a street?" So I headed east and the next street was Sophia—a name I knew. My Aunt MAry once lived in splendour on SOphia so I decided to see if I could find her old house but Sophia jags left, right, stops, starts and I often would up on Prince Edward. Once there, I recognized my friend Kelly's house and stopped in for 10 minutes to say, "Hi."

A few blocks later, I found Ross and Pam at home and spent a lovely 20 minutes with them Then I set off again, going south to 49th. Then, I wandered on back streets from 49th and Main to 43rd and Granville from when I took the bus home.

I saw lots of stunning homes and some quirky ones. The best part of my walk was the unbridled joy I felt walking where people live instead of on commercial streets. But there were some things about neighbourhoods that were odd...

 Two guys dig; seven supervise. This is Main and Second, so there was MAJOR traffic jams on Main today.

This place's front yard (click on it to make it larger) had a zillion fountain things, and things in the trees and sculptures. Amazing.
 This place is seriously recessed on Price Edward near Pam and Ross'.

No sidewalk, very "cottage;" Check out it's chimney, below.

All t he fornt laws run together on West 46th and it is sterile looking. It's like no one lives there and it feels like wasted landscape to me.

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