Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday in Sayulita

Dear Chris Adkins passed away at 5:30 am on Dec. 17th, two weeks two the day after Mike died. Mike I had known since the late 1960s and Chris and I met in the mid 1970s. All that keeps coming to mind are clich├ęs. At times, I have wanted to leave this paradise of ease in Mexico and come home and go to bed. But of course I have learned from these experiences of loss.

Remember those famous stages of grief outlined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance)? I lived them when I was diagnosed with AIDS, but I find myself dealing with them again in response to the loss of Mike and Chris.

Chris and Mike are my private experience here. The fabulous Humphreys and Jarods are in a perpetual state of bliss like everyone else here in Sayulita. Every day is stunning so it is easy to slip out of sadness and join the party in the pool. Being here with Hudson and Sahara is the best therapy for sadness going.

Tomorrow we return home via Calgary. Back to fish and my wonderful kitty cat.

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