Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Party Report

  1. The fish tank was, I think, a hit.
  2. I had three minor asthma attacks during the festivities.
  3. People say they had a good time. What else can they say to my face though?
  4. I know some people had a good time because they reconnected with long lost friends.
  5. It was so weird to be so close to so many whom I love and yet unable to connect with anyone.
  6. There was a shitload of food left over. I could not find anyone to take it so I hoofed it to the homeless camp in the lane behind my building. I woke the guys up and gave them about 60 sandwiches and a huge bag of apples, oranges and bananas. They were palpably grateful and I wept all the way home. I don't recall being called "sir" with more meaning, ever.
  7. Cleaning up was exhausting and tool all day Sunday.
  8. My friend Paula managed the phone, the door and greeting guests. What a huge gift to me that was. I have undying love for Paula.
  9. My friend Nicola, an introvert whom I thought might abhor the event, came in a stunning dress and stopped the show.
  10. My iMac hard drive crashed. I had to shlep it into the Apple store. They replaced the hard drive and installed the wrong software so that my backup drive could not be installed. I had to re-shlep to Apple again and now am going through the importing process. Another nightmare like cleaning up after a party.

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